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Meet Jen

My name is Jen Hebert and I was born and raised on Long Island. My parents were raised in the city - my Dad is from the Bronx and my Mom grew up in Corona, Queens. When they finally saved enough money to move to East Williston, they truly felt they had made it. They created a home for myself and my two brothers where we were taught to value education, respect diversity of all kinds, and offer service to others in our community whenever possible.

 I met my husband, Jamie, when I was a freshman at Tufts University in Massachusetts. We completed both our undergraduate and graduate degrees while there. He graduated with a Masters in Engineering and I graduated with a Masters in Early Childhood Education. We both got jobs right out of school and for the next five years, I taught Kindergarten in a public school in a suburb of Boston.

We decided to move to Long Island in 1996 and set out to find the "most New England town" we could find. Huntington was the perfect fit. We quickly bought our dream house and set down roots. We've raised our three sons Ben (age 23), Will (age 21) and Sam (age 17) here in Huntington and we couldn't be happier about our decision to make Huntington our home. 

From 2011-2020, I served as a trustee of the Huntington Board of Education. Being on the school board was incredibly gratifying work and I learned a tremendous amount during my tenure. As a board member, I was involved in the oversight of district-related matters including the budget, facilities management, contract negotiations, litigation and policy issues. The last two years, I served as the board president.

Since 2015, I've been the administrator of St. John's Nursery School which is located in the village of Huntington. As the director, I'm in charge of all facets of my school including enrollment, staffing and coordination with the various church groups.

I am confident that the skills I've developed as a board member and school administrator will serve me well on the Huntington Town Board. Given the chance, I'll be ready to get right to work for my Huntington community.

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